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While attending university, I specialized in programming with a particular focus on front-end development. I have acquired extensive knowledge and experience in various programming languages including HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Threejs.

In my program, Interactive Media & Web Technologies, we were given the opportunity to choose between programming and interaction design after the first year. I initially chose to specialize in interaction design and have since gained significant professional experience in this area. However, I have recently developed an interest in expanding my programming skills and prefer not to limit myself to a particular category, despite having more experience in design.

Experimental website.

The motivation behind my creation of this website was to refine my coding skills. My goal was to provide users with an immersive portfolio experience by enabling them to explore it in a 3D environment. To achieve this, I utilized Threejs to create a scene complete with camera and lighting. Additionally, I created a few 3D models and exported them to .glb formats, which I then imported into the scene. It's an ongoing process still since I work on it whenever I have time.

However, I encountered a challenge during the development process, as Threejs did not support Blender's texture adjustments such as emission, roughness, etc. Consequently, the shading did not appear as expected, prompting me to adjust the lighting provided by Threejs. While the end result was not exactly as I envisioned, it was still a decent outcome.

To enhance the user experience, I added camera movement functionality that changes the camera's position when a button is pressed. Additionally, I included an animated train and other objects to gauge their visual impact on the overall experience.

Overall, developing this website was an excellent challenge that enabled me to test my programming skills. I am confident in my ability to create functional websites with code, and I hope to continue refining and improving this portfolio website as I have more time.

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