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Arla recipe helper.

Arla uses Storbildsfabriken's help to create new creative ways to highlight digital recipe solutions in store! Through our Visual React software, we digitize Arla's customer experience and offer new concepts for food inspiration to the dairy departments.


Through touch screens, customers can get inspiration, choose recipes and receive shopping lists. It will be an experience-based meeting in the dairy counter, a kind of inspiring marketplace. Here there are recipes with products displayed in the store and in addition to picking up physical products, customers can also use a QR code or SMS to receive the entire recipe with a shopping list directly on their mobile phone.

Analyze data.

When I began working at Storbildsfabriken, this project was already in progress. The company had established the initial recipe station, and my role was to analyze the diverse data collected by the digital kiosks and present it to Arla. These kiosks provided information on which recipes garnered the most clicks, downloads, watch time, and country-specific data.

While at Storbildsfabriken, we installed two additional digital kiosks in Sollentuna. As part of my responsibilities, I oversaw their installation and provided SignOn training to Arla staff so they could update their weekly recipes.

Skärmavbild 2023-01-03 kl. 14.18.53.png

Overall experience.

Working on this project was an incredible experience as I had the opportunity to analyze data and present insights. Additionally, I gained hands-on experience installing the digital kiosks and witnessing the products being used in their intended environments.


As part of my role, I also honed my leadership skills by educating Arla staff about Storbildsfabrikens' product and the kiosks' objectives.

Overall, this project was a fun and fulfilling experience since I had numerous responsibilities, including gathering data to evaluate the digital product's performance against expectations.

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