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3D Softwares.

I possess experience working with Blender, Maya Autodesk, and Unreal Engine 5. Although Blender is my most familiar software, I am currently directing my efforts towards Unreal Engine 5 due to its versatility in game development and creating animated short films, and the fact that it is also free to use. While studying at university, I also gained experience with Maya Autodesk and can quickly adapt to it if necessary.

Over time, I have created 3D material for various companies, which has been used as presentation material to showcase their products or solutions. Furthermore, I enjoy working on 3D projects during my free time, honing my skills and seeking to improve my craft.


with elements.

I am trying to improve when it comes to creating different elements. So far I'm done with fire which I think turned out pretty decent. The object going through the fire is a logo for a company. The idea was to let the fire go in slow motion and shoot the logo in different angles going through the fire. The company liked the idea but decided to not go through with the production.

Next element I am currently working on right now is water and dust particles.

Creating Environments.

One of the most significant projects I undertook was to design a character parachuting off a building at night using Blender. I created various scenes and rendered them out to produce the final product. This project was particularly exciting for me as it allowed me to explore my skills in developing expansive environments.

At present, I am working on creating more substantial environments using Unreal Engine 5. While the project is still in progress, I am eager to see the end result.

Cloths and

fabric simulations.

I have experience in character rigging and animation, specifically creating a character wearing a large hooded coat. During the process, I encountered difficulties in simulating the cloth and ensuring it interacted properly with the character. While there are still areas to improve, I plan to continue refining my work during my spare time. Currently, I am struggling with achieving full control over the cloth simulations, which I am determined to overcome.

I find these types of renders to be enjoyable and rewarding as they add realism to the character. Moving forward, I aim to experiment with creating clothing and objects that dangle realistically on characters, and to also improve my hair simulation techniques which I am currently unsatisfied with.


My thoughts on

3D in general.

I have some experience in 3D modeling, but I am constantly striving to become much better at it. I am passionate about creating and believe that 3D could be a valuable skill for my future career. Throughout my work experience, I always look for opportunities to create more 3D models.

I have created models that companies have used to better visualize their products or ideas, such as an advertising booth with containers. However, I am always seeking to improve my skills in this field and strive to reach the level of some of the amazing 3D artists out there.


Given my background in filmmaking and design, I believe that 3D will continue to be integrated into these fields, and I am excited about the possibilities. Although I am not a beginner, I know there is always room for growth and improvement in my 3D modeling skills.

Game Developing.

During my time studying at the university, me and a classmate got the assignment to create a game for an arcade machine on the campus. The code language we were forced to use was Actionscript but it doesn't exist anymore. We choose to divide the work so that my classmate would do most of the programming and I will focus more on the design aspects and sound. The reason for this was because during our program we got to choose what line we would like to specialize in. At the time I chose interaction design and my classmate chose programming. 

The game was a success since we received the highest grade possible and the game is still available for the public to play.

The game has a retro 2d pixel graphic vibe since it was going on an arcade machine. The game is basically about one of our other classmates who rages when he plays video games. His name is Robert (Robban). So, in the game we have Robban playing a video game and if you don't give him things that he likes, he will eventually rage and the game will be over. The main character needs to hunt down the thieves in order to find loot to give to Robban throughout the game and the rage meter grows faster throughout the game you play, making the game progressively harder.

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