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Filter used cars.

We were entrusted to develop and deliver a digital kiosk solution to the Mercedes Benz car showroom in Malmö. On the screen, the customer finds a digital stock balance of cars for sale. The loading of the cars takes place automatically from Blocket and Bytbil into the company's digital signage software Visual React and is drawn out nicely on the screen. Both customers and sales staff can get a neat and simple overview of all cars for sale, as well as take part in campaigns and offers.

Planning and testing.

I aided in the preparation, implementation, and assessment of Visual React software to determine whether it could function properly and execute links seamlessly without issues. Since the software was relatively new, my responsibility was to identify possible errors or bugs and notify the developers so that they could address them.


The process was fairly uncomplicated as I primarily tested various features and interactions. I provided feedback on aspects I believed needed improvement, and there were not many complications encountered during the testing phase. The only obstacle I faced was my desire to make some design alterations, but ultimately, the software functioned as intended.


Overall experience.

For me, it was a remarkable experience to conduct the majority of the testing. However, I regret not being more involved in the planning and design phase due to my simultaneous work on another project, which made time management challenging.

By the time I initiated the initial test, the design was mostly finalized. At this point, I could only offer my opinions, and if time allowed, the team would consider experimenting with multiple design versions. Nonetheless, the end result adheres to Mercedes Guidelines, and I believe it functions well.

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