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Website for x26.

I created a website for företagshuset x26. They wanted to be able to make changes themselves without programming experience so I chose to create it with Wix rather than using code. The website was only meant to showcase the office space and to give information about what is going on in the facility.

I also took all the pictures used on this website.

Planning phase,

mockup & design choices.

I started off with going through with x26 what they wanted to include on their new website. We discussed what types of functionality they would use and what they deemed important.

I made different mockup suggestions in Figma and XD on what the website could look like. I followed x26 guidelines when it came to graphics and tried to give it a minimalistic look that would be straight forward and not too complicated for the user.

I put together a small focus group that would test the website and observe how they were interacting with the website. I made adjustments based on feedback and released a finished version of the website which I later SEO optimized in order to drive traffic to the site.



The only challenge I had was that the old website was on a contract, bonded with the domain. This meant I had to get the domain free from the old website creators and it was hard getting information from them. After a long while I managed to get the website revoked and the domain free to link with the new website.

Overall experience.

This was a great experience when it came to web developing. I got to use what I’ve learned at my program Interactive media & web technologies and put it to practice. The process wasn’t too complicated and it was fairly easy since they wanted to use a third party service to create the website.


Wix is a very easy tool to use when it comes to building simple websites. I believe it was good going with that approach since everyone can easily make changes to the website if they wanted to without programming experience, and the website didn’t want any complex functionality.

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